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IDFC FIRST Bank Counter Top Terminal

Aadhar payment system offers seamless integration with ERP.

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Waiting time can be a downer for the customer. Make your swipe machine payments happen in a jiffy. Speed up your card transactions with the cutting-edge, electronic fund transfer mechanism – through our counter-top payment terminals.

Here’s a detailed list of everything you need to know about our counter top terminal:

• Counter Top Terminals involve the installation of an EDC terminal at payment acceptance points.

• Payment of these transactions will be made via credit to your pre-determined bank account through electronic fund transfer.

• The EDC machine enables you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro & RuPay cards, even if they are issued globally.

• Payment Terminal or EDC Terminal comes equipped with the latest, advanced technology designed for robustness & security, ensuring complete peace of mind for you and your customers.

• EDC terminal offers dual SIM capability to ensure seamless network connectivity and instant procession of transactions. 

Customer Care & Service Requests

An easy-to-use and streamlined customer service is available to take care of all your concerns regarding Counter Top Terminal. The self- service IVR is available in English and Hindi with these features:

• Convenient

• Simple to raise a request

• Secure process

• Zero cost

Self-service request that you can place for EDC machine concerns –

• Paper Roll Requests

• Terminal Service Requests

• Account Statement Requests

User Guide

When we say easy, we mean it! We have simplified and compiled a step-by-step Counter Top Terminal user manual for you to get started with the card swipe machine. Check out the process in the link below.

Do’s and Don’ts

Before you begin using the card swipe machine for electronic fund transfer, here’s a list of important precautions that you might want to go through. 


What are the Do’s of using a Counter Top Terminal?

• Check card validity period.

• Check for card Security features.

• Swipe the card through the Counter Top Terminal in the customer's presence.

• Follow instruction from POS (approve /decline/collection etc.)

• In case the card is declined as Lost/Stolen, Capture, Pickup, the merchant should retain the card or report it immediately to the acquiring bank or call the authorization number and ask for a code.

• Compare the card number & name printed on the charge slip with that on the card.

• Get the charge slip signed by the customer and check if the signature matches with the one on the card.

• If the card is not signed, then ask the customer to sign it in your presence. Verify the signature and name along with photo identification.

• Return the card and customer copy of the charge slip to the customer.

• Keep the merchant copy of the charge slip and the invoice of the Transaction for at least one year after the sale to settle any future disputes.

• For all International/High Value card transactions, it is recommended that the merchant should check the ID proof of the card holder and compare the signature on the card to the signature on the ID proof. Also check whether the nationality as per ID proof matches with Issuing bank country.

• The credit card, local or international can be checked with the issuing bank name, country of card issued & customer care numbers printed on the backside of the credit card. Alternatively, merchant may contact the Authorization center of the Acquirer and confirm the name of the Bank against that mentioned on the card.

• Always note down the customer’s address and contact details for future reference.

What are the Don’ts I should note about Counter Top Terminal?

• Split the amounts and swipe multiple times for a single transaction.

• Provide cash against the credit cards.

• Use your own card at the merchant establishment.

• Handover the EDC machine to the card holder, unless the terminal asks for a PIN to be entered.

• Swipe transaction using chip card.

Points to Remember

• Please mention your MID (Merchant ID) & your TID (Terminal ID) on all your communication.

• Always keep your MID and TID handy when you call our customer care & do mention the same in your email communication.

• Inform us of any changes in your contact numbers and email ID so we can continue sharing important updates with you.

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