Change the way you pay

Take advantage of our all-inclusive payment services - NEFT, RTGS, Demand Drafts or Cash DeliveryKnow More

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Electronic Payments

Make payments through our digital channel effortlessly!

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Physical Payments

Simplify your physical transactions


Manage your cash inflow confidently

From virtual accounts to KIOSK solutions, we have cash management services to handle your cash intake in a safe and effective mannerKnow More

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Electronic Collections

Track your incoming funds in the most secure manner. Our encrypted and fortified virtual security measures give you exclusive access to your account.

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Physical Collections

Smooth cash management services, with our most secure cash handling system.

Liquidity Management Solutions

Monitor multiple accounts, smoothly

Keep a tab on your income levels, earn a higher interest and enjoy amazing benefits. Know More

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Cash Concentration Solution

Manage your fund flow with ease!

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Sweep in FD

Place extra cash into an FD and earn extra interest


Secure your transaction flow, seamlessly

Experience hassle-free and prompt business cash management services with our consolidated system of handling accounts Know More

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BXP - Online Trade Portal

Experience a next-generation portal which lets you connect anywhere and anytime

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API and H2H

Eliminate tedious banking procedures

Escrow Management Services

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Execute big transactions in a few clicks

Easily assess the risks and complexities of your commercial transactions