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BRAVO is a unique feature where you can set up an Auto-sweep into Fixed Deposit (FD) on Platinum Current Account, with no penalty on premature FD breakage. India’s first and only Bank to offer this as a feature for new accounts opened, and even for existing customers can enable this feature!Read More

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How it Works!


Choose any amount above ₹2 Lakhs for auto-sweep to a FD


FD will break only when Current Account balance goes below ₹2 Lakhs


Earn interest of up to 7.5% p.a.* on a FD tenure of 370 days


FD breakage will not attract any penalty on withdrawal


Balance above the set threshold move into a FD on daily basis in multiples of ₹1000


FD breakage will be in units of ₹1 to give you maximum benefit

*T&C Apply. IDFC FIRST Bank is the first bank to provide customer the flexibility to create auto-sweep Fixed Deposit without premature penalty on Current Account variants. This feature will not be applicable for Special purpose Products such as CC/OD Products, EEFC, RERA, ESCROW, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BRAVO (Auto-sweep feature)?

BRAVO is a feature that allows you to automatically convert your Current Account balance above  ₹2 Lakhs or more into a 370 days Fixed Deposit thereby earning you an interest of 7.5% p.a. This feature can be availed on all IDFC FIRST Bank Current Accounts. 

How does BRAVO work?

IDFC FIRST Bank is the first and only Bank in India to allow complete flexibility to set auto-sweep limit on Fixed Deposit (FD) on all Current Accounts for MSMEs & Startup, without any premature penalty on withdrawals.• Choose any amount above  ₹2 Lakhs for auto-sweep to a FD

• Choose any amount above  ₹2 Lakhs for auto-sweep to a 370 days FD

 Earn interest of up to 7.5% p.a. on the FD

 Balance above the set threshold moves into a FD on a daily basis

 FD will break only when Current Account balance goes below  ₹2 Lakh

 FD breakage will not attract any penalty on withdrawal

• FD breakage will be in units of  ₹1 to give you maximum benefit

Who can opt for BRAVO feature?

BRAVO feature is available with only Platinum Current Account.

When will the Fixed Deposit be created?

Fixed Deposit (FD) will be created next day in multiples of ₹1000. Single FD will be created at the beginning of the day (BOD) for a maximum amount of less than ₹2 Crore. In case FD requirement is more than ₹2 Crore, please visit your nearest branch for more details.

When will the Fixed Deposit break?

When funds required in the Current Account for any payment is more than the Current Account threshold Balance of ₹2,00,000, then FD will break sweeping in money to the account. Fixed Deposit will break in multiples of ₹1 and it would happen on LIFO (Last in First Out) basis. This provides liquidity to you by converting part or all Fixed Deposit into readily accessible funds.

Do I have the flexibility to make changes in BRAVO feature?

For any customisation required in BRAVO like change in tenure, frequency, etc., you may reach out to your RM or nearest branch.

What is the minimum monthly account balance required to be maintained in current account with BRAVO feature?

You are required to maintain average monthly balance as per the opted Current Account variant (if applicable).

If the Fixed Deposit is broken before 370 days, what interest rate will be applicable?

In case of pre-closure of Fixed Deposit, the applicable bucket rate as per tenure and as on date of Fixed Deposit booking will apply. No premature penalty will be charged.

*Except special purpose accounts

How do I setup BRAVO feature in my Current Account?

You may reach out to the branch representative for this request. He/She will help you fill the form available on our website and submit the same for enabling this feature.

Form Path:>> Form Centre>> Account Services >> Auto Fund Transfer to Fixed deposit – Bravo 

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