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You can add different banks to your account and make payments to, or request funds from anyone who has a UPI ID. For merchants, we offer safe methods for you to receive UPI payments. What’s the best part? It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Key Features

Accept payments with UPI

Accept payments quickly, with our Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app. You can generate your UPI QR code and your customers can use the ‘Scan & Pay’ feature to pay you. Initiate ‘Collect Payment’ requests, set time limits for payments and send reminders to ensure that all collections are done on time. All UPI transactions are free of charge and are instantly credited to your account. 


How can you generate UPI QR code for your business?

Generate a UPI QR code for your business by following these steps:

·         Download the IDFC FIRST Bank UPI app from the Google Play Store

·         Register and link any/all of your existing bank accounts to it

·         Click on the menu icon on the left and select ‘My QR Code’

·         Your UPI QR code is instantly generated and ready for use

·         Download, print, and display your QR code inside your store where you accept payments

How to use the ‘Scan and Pay’ feature of the UPI app?

Customers can use the ‘Scan and Pay’ feature of the app to make payments to merchants by following these steps:

·         Open the UPI app on the mobile and select the ‘Scan and Pay’ feature

·         Scan the store’s QR code using

·         Authorize the transaction using their UPI PIN

·         The UPI payment will be credited to the merchant’s bank account instantly

Both merchant and the customer will receive a notification once the transaction is complete

How can you initiate a ‘Collect Payment’ Request from your UPI app?

You can initiate a ‘Collect Payment’ Request from your app by following these steps:

·         Download the IDFC FIRST Bank UPI app from the Google Play Store

·         Register and link any/all of your existing bank accounts to it

·         Click on the ‘ASK’ tab at the bottom of the screen

·         Enter the Virtual Payments’ Address (VPA) of the payer, followed by the amount and submit the request

·         The money will be instantly credited to your linked bank account, once the payer authorizes the request

·         You can set a time limit for your payer to authorize your collection request and send reminders through the app to facilitate quick payments.

Merchant Eligibility

Access our UPI merchant solutions and ease the process of payments. We offer key services to all merchants falling under the following categories:

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Our UPI merchant solutions works across all categories of merchant & service provider

If your business belongs to any of the below category you can simply

• Download IDFC FIRST Bank UPI app from Google Play store

• Register and link any of your existing bank accounts to it

• Instantly start using IDFC FIRST Bank UPI app to facilitate your business growth.


Instant UPI registration available for the following merchant categories

• Individuals  Merchants and Sole Proprietors, including

    - Grocery Store owners

    - Milk / Newspaper vendors

    - Restaurants

• Self Employed professionals, including

    - Doctors

    - Fitness experts

    - Architects

Roles & Responsibilities

    List OF TPAPs sponsored by IDFC FIRST Bank

    Name Of TPAP PSP Bank Handle Name
    Ultracash Technologies IDFC FIRST Bank @idfcbank

    Roles & Responsibilities of NPCI

    • NPCI owns and operates the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) platform
    • NPCI prescribes rules, regulations, guidelines, and the respective roles, responsibilities and liabilities of the participants, with respect to UPI. This also includes transaction processing and settlement, dispute management and clearing cut-offs for settlement
    • NPCI approves the participation of Issuer Banks, PSP Banks, Third Party Application Providers (TPAP) and Prepaid Payment Instrument issuers (PPIs) in UPI
    • NPCI to provide a safe, secure and efficient UPI system and network
    • NPCI provides online transaction routing, processing and settlement services to members participating in UPI
    • NPCI can, either directly or through a third party, conduct audit on UPI participants and call for data, information and records, in relation to their participation in UPI
    • NPCI provides the banks participating in UPI access to system where they can download reports, raise chargebacks, update the status of UPI transactions etc.

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