Bank Guarantee/ Standby Letter of Credit

As you focus on growing your business, or acquiring large contracts, or venturing into new territories, IDFC FIRST Banks’ Bank Guarantee (BG)/Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) solutions come in handy.Read More

We understand that each business transaction is unique, which is why we are happy to customize our guarantees as per your specific needs for both international and domestic markets.Read Less

Types of Bank Guarantee

• Performance Guarantees

• Financial Guarantees

• Bid Bond Guarantees

• Advance Payment Guarantees

• Deferred Payment Guarantees

• Shipping Guarantees/DO

Our Services

• Initiate BG/SBLC requests on our comprehensive BXP - Online Trade portal, with our differentiated BG/SBLC solutions

• Our pre-vetted/template-based BG services facilitate faster delivery

• Reduce your effort by using the "Copy from existing BG/SBLC" option through our BXP Online Trade portal.

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