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Bill payment and Recharges

Our NRI banking system makes it simple and convenient for you to make credit card bill payments from wherever you are, whenever you want. Read More

It does not stop at credit card bill payments, though. Whether it is your mobile or DTH recharge billers, utility bill payments, or any other bills, we ensure we pay your bills on time every time. With IDFC FIRST Bank BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System), you don’t need to worry about transaction security. All your transactions are safe & secure.Read Less

Our Solutions

Manage your credit card payments and utility bill payments with a few clicks. Find out how.

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Utility Bill Payments and Credit Card Payments 

    Wave goodbye to all your late credit card bill payment charges. We ensure we pay your bills on time every time. Once your bills are set up in our portal, we will ensure that the credit card payment goes out on time. All you need is to ensure you have balance in your account.

    We offer you all the following services and more:

    1. Flexibility of Instant One Time Payments

    2. Early reminders to ensure you know when your bill is due

    3. Notifications of bills that get paid & don’t get paid

    4. Notifications to tell you that a bill has been presented

    5. Any complications in any of your billers, we let you know straight away

    6. And the best part is, we will always aim to make all your bill payments happen on time

    Payment can be made for all the below billers and more as we update systems regularly.

    We let you pay around 200+ bills that include all your Utility, Insurance, Mutual Funds & Tax bills, Subscriptions, Credit Card bill payments and Donate to Charity. All this from the comfort of your home.

Types of Billers

Presentment Billers

These billers give you your bill amount that is due. For such billers, an Autopay can be set where the entire amount can be paid off in one transaction automatically. For example, a credit card bill payment. But don’t worry, we let you set a limit where a maximum amount can be set for each biller. If your bill exceeds the maximum amount, we will notify you to allow the bill payment.

There are certain restrictions that you need to be aware of:

1. Part payment cannot be made

2. While you can make a pre-payment, payment after due date is not possible

3. Until the bill is presented, payment cannot be made

All the details of your bills paid, are stored for six months for your reference.

Payment Billers

These billers do not present a bill and you can either choose to make an adhoc payment or schedule when, at what frequency & how much you want to pay. That is all we will pay them.

Credit Cards

You can make a credit card bill payment towards any of your Credit Cards using our “Funds Transfer” option in IDFC FIRST Bank’s Internet & Mobile Banking portals. It is one the most seamless ways to make a credit card bill payment. 

Types of Bill Payment services

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Credit Card Bill payments

     There are many ways to make your credit card bill payment. IDFC FIRST Bank offers you an easier one where all your Credit Card payments can be done online in two simple steps:

    Step 1: Register the Credit Card as a Current Account Beneficiary to make credit card bill payments.

    Steps to register for credit card payment are as follows:

    1. Login to IDFC FIRST Bank Internet Banking portal

    2. Click on “Add/View beneficiary” under Funds Transfer

    3. Click on the “Add Beneficiary” button next to the search box

    4. Select “Outside IDFC FIRST Bank” radio button

    5. Enter the below:

    a. Beneficiary name & nick name

    b. The Credit Card number is to be entered in Account Number and Confirm Account Number fields

    c. Select the Bank and enter the IFSC code

    d. Select “Account type” as “Current Account”

    e. Enter Payee Limit, Beneficiary email ID and Mobile Number

    f. Click on Submit

    6. Review & Confirm the details

    7. Enter the OTP received via SMS and click on Submit

    8. Credit Card will be added as your beneficiary, and credit card bill payments can be initiated after 30 mins


    Step 2: Use NEFT as a channel to carry out the Credit Card Bill Payment via “Funds Transfer”.

    Please Note:

    1. IMPS or RTGS cannot be used for the credit card bill payment transaction.

    2. For standalone cards like AMEX, Tata Capital, etc. credit card bill payments will not go through, unless they have an arrangement with a partner bank.

    3. As credit card bill payments are not done under the “Bill Pay” option they will not reflect under transaction history.

View/Pay Bills

    The View/Pay Bills tab lets you view all the bills that are due for the month. We show them all upfront with details of when the bill is to be paid. This option shows you all the details required to make bill payments.

    1. All bills which don’t get presented are available for you to pay at your convenience

    2. All bills which have been presented for payment, show the amount and when the utility bill payment is due

    Please Note:

    1. Presentment bills are shown only when presented to us by the biller

    2. Payment bills are always shown


All utility bill payments are done instantly using QuickPay; remember this is a one-time payment without prior registration. This biller can be added at the end of QuickPay, and all future utility bill payments can be scheduled.

Everything about QuickPay

How to make online bill payment using QuickPay?

Follow these simple steps to make the transaction easy:

1. Click on ‘QuickPay’ in the ‘Bill Pay’ tab

2. Select the category of the biller (this can be electricity, gas, insurance, landline, post-paid, etc.)

3. Enter your consumer ID/subscriber ID/Mobile number/landline number and other details that are required to complete the transaction 

4. Enter the bill amount. For some billers the bill amount can be fetched by clicking “Fetch Amount” (this is applicable only for presentment billers)

5. Select the bank account

6. Check the terms & conditions checkbox & confirm your transaction

7. Just to be sure that you are doing this transaction, we will send you an OTP for verification

8. And your utility bill payment is done

How to add/manage billers with QuickPay?

1. Click on “Add Biller” in the Bill Pay tab

2. Select the category of biller

3. Enter your consumer ID, subscriber ID, Mobile number, landline number and a couple of other details that are required to complete the transaction

4. We let you set a nick name for every biller so you can remember what it is for

5. Just to be sure that you are doing this transaction, we will send you an OTP

6. And your Biller is added

Click here to view the list of billers we offer for payments.

How can I manage the billers?

Use the Manage Biller option to delete any biller. 

Steps to Delete Biller:

1. Click on ‘Delete Biller’ in the Bill Pay tab

2. All the registered billers will be displayed. Click the delete button in front of the biller you want to delete

3. Confirm the deletion of the biller & we will vanish this biller from your list

How can I check my transaction history?

View the all the utility bill payments & recharges you have done in the last six months.

Here’s what we offer in Transaction History:

1. By default, the last five bill payments or recharges are displayed, a date filter is provided to fetch transactions completed earlier. Please note that only the transactions done in the last six months can be viewed.

2. A biller-wise transaction filter.


Recharge billers are pre-paid billers, which mean you must pay for the services & then use them. What you can do is log-in and recharge your mobile or DTH with the amount you desire, we will give you a wide range of plans to choose from for all of these billers.

We offer the below recharge facilities over our Internet Banking & Mobile Banking portals:

1. Prepaid Mobile Number recharge

2. DTH (Direct-To-Home) account recharge

Steps to follow

How to do an online recharge for my mobile phone network?

Follow these easy steps to do online recharge for your mobile:

1. Log into our internet banking/mobile banking portal

2. Select ‘Bill Pay’

3. Click on ‘Recharge’ in the Bill Pay tab

4. Select the type of recharge as Prepaid Mobile

5. For prepaid mobile recharge enter Mobile number. The service provider details will be displayed automatically; these details can be changed manually

6. Select the plan to recharge your Mobile number with

7. Click "Recharge"

8. Confirm your transaction & select the account

9. Click “Pay” to proceed

10. Just to be sure that you are doing this transaction, we will send you an OTP for verification

11. And your recharge is done

Please Note: In case the mobile operator is changed manually is incorrect then the recharge will fail.

How can I do DTH recharge for my service provider?

Follow these easy steps to do online recharge for your DTH operator:

1. Log into our Internet Banking/Mobile Banking 

2. Select "Bill Pay"

3. Click on "Recharge" in the Bill Pay tab

4. Select the type of recharge as DTH

5. To do a DTH recharge enter DTH subscriber ID & select provider

6. Enter the amount & click “Recharge”

7. Confirm your transaction & select the account

8. Click “Pay” to proceed

9. Just to be sure that you are doing this transaction, we will send you an OTP for verification

10. And your recharge is done

Click here to find out the various operators we offer Mobile & DTH recharges

Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

• Pay your bills - With IDFC FIRST Bank BBPS, you don’t need to worry about transaction security. All your transactions are safe & secure. We also allow you to raise complaints and disputes directly through IDFC FIRST Bank BBPS application.

• Transparent charges - IDFC FIRST Bank BBPS offers you complete transparency for charges associated with bill payments. Rest assured there are no hidden charges, only standard charges mandated by NPCI are charged to you.

• Instant confirmation - We provide you an instant confirmation on the payments of your bills along with a transaction receipt.

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