User Guide

    User Guide for (POGO) Device

    Requirements for powering the POGO> device

    1. Power the POGO> Device. Make sure your smartphone, POGO> device & welcome kit are accessible.

    • To power on, keep the GREEN button pressed to switch on the POGO> device
    • To power off, keep the RED button on the POGO> device pressed

    Charging POGO> device

    • Connect the Micro USB cord to the POGO> device and the USB end into your laptop, desktop or a USB charger

    Bluetooth Pairing

    • Turn on the POGO> device along with your phone's Bluetooth
    • Keep the * button of POGO> device pressed to display the following options:
      1. Pair new device
      2. Clear pairing list
      3. Restore BT settings
    • Select the first option
    • Select settings
    • Tap on Bluetooth Settings
    • Scan for available devices using ‘Scan’
    • From the list of available Bluetooth devices, please select RP75XXXXXXX (indicating the serial number of the POGO> device)
    • Note the six digit code that is displayed on your screen
    • Insert the code on the POGO> device and press the GREEN button
    • Wait for the message ‘Pairing Success’

    Downloading of POGO> mobile application

    • Acquire an active WIFI or GPRS connection to download the POGO> App
    • Download the POGO> application from Google Play store by searching ‘POGO Payments’ or ‘POGO Payments by IDFC FIRST Bank' You can also download the application by entering
    • The welcome kit sent to you on mail or SMS comes along with a download link, MID/TID and activation details. This brochure will also make things easy for you
    • Once you launch the app, insert the MID*,TID* & Activation Code* provided in the welcome kit
      *Merchant ID - This is unique for each merchant
      *Terminal ID - This is specific to each mobile handset

    Application Access & creating a User Name & PIN

    • After the POGO> app is activated on your device, generate a Username and PIN
    • Use this Username and PIN to access the POGO> app every time you wish to login
    • To create a User Name & PIN:
    • Generate a Username - It can have the following characters (A-Z) (a-z) (0-9) or combinations
    • Generate a PIN - Make it 6 digits (0-9)
    • Re-enter the PIN for confirmation.
    • In case of dismissal of your Username or PIN, contact us by mailing at or by calling us on 1800 300 05163

    Activation of the POGO> Device

    • Go to the Settings page of the POGO>app
    • Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Device Settings’
    • On selecting Device Settings, the dongle serial number (printed at the back of the dongle) will auto populate
    • Select the ‘Activate’ option In case your POGO> device serial number doesn't auto populate, recheck the Bluetooth pairing or attempt to reconnect via Bluetooth

    How To Accept Chip & Mag Stripe Transactions

    Activation steps Chip & Pin Cards Chip & Sign Cards Mag Stripe & Pin Cards Mag Stipe & Sign Cards
    Switch on the POGO> device and ensure your device’s Bluetooth is switched on Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Tap the ‘Payment’ icon on the POGO> Home Page Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Enter the amount in the ‘Amount’ field Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Enter customer’s mobile number and E-mail ID. Click on the ‘Tap to Activate’ icon. Yes Yes Yes Yes
    The POGO> device will display the message ‘Please INSERT/SWIPE’ Yes Yes Yes Yes
    SWIPE/DIP customer’s card Into the SWIPE/DIP slot Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Request the customer to validate amount on the POGO> device by pressing the GREEN button. Yes No No No
    Customers are requested to insert their PIN and then press the GREEN button. Yes No No No
    On successful SWIPE/DIP the POGO> device reads the card details Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Masked details now appear on the POGO> app-Name of card holder, card number (last 4 digits visible) Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Click on the ‘Sign’ Icon and request the customer to sign on the signature screen No Yes Yes Yes
    Click on the ‘Continue’ icon No Yes Yes Yes
    Please note – On the back of the payment screen, the signature captured is visible on the side of the sign field No Yes Yes Yes
    Tap on the ‘Make Payment’ icon Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Request customer to validate amount on the POGO> device by pressing the GREEN button No No Yes No
    Request customer to key in their PIN and then press the GREEN button No No Yes No
    A message to indicate the status of transaction appears. Also, a SMS and an E-mail are sent to the customer on successfully completing the transaction Yes Yes Yes Yes

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