Do's and Don'ts


    • Check card validity period
    • Check for card security features
    • Swipe the card through the terminal in the customer's presence
    • Follow instruction from POS (approve /decline/collection etc.)
    • In case the card is declined as Lost/ Stolen, Capture, Pickup, the merchant should retain the card or report it immediately to the acquiring bank or call the authorisation number and ask for a code
    • Compare the card number & name printed on the charge slip with that on the card
    • Get the charge slip signed by the customer and check if the signature matches with the one on the card
    • If the card is not signed then ask the customer to sign it in your presence. Verify the signature and name along with photo identification
    • Return the card and customer copy of the charge slip to the customer
    • Keep the merchant copy of the charge slip and the invoice of the Transaction for at least one year after the sale to settle any future disputes



    • Split the amounts and swipe multiple times for a single transaction
    • Provide cash against the credit cards
    • Use your own card at the merchant establishment
    • Handover the EDC to the card holder, unless the terminal asks for a PIN to be entered
    • Swipe transaction using chip card


    Card Security Features

    Check for genuineness:

    • Proper alignment of the card number, card holder’s name, expiry date & other embossed details. (Clarity, uniformity of size and spacing between embossed characters).
    • 3D Hologram (Flying Dove for VISA/MC printed on border of the two Interlocked Globes for Master Card).
    • First four digits embossed on the card must match with the one printed below/above it.
    • Last four digits of the card number extending into the hologram.
    • Master Card/VISA logo borders, colour are not blurred or uneven.
    • For a Master Card ‘M’ and ‘C’ imprint under the UV light in the lower half.
    • For a VISA card the ‘Flying Dove’ imprint under the UV light on the top half for a VISA card
    • In the new Visa card logo, the upper corner of the left arm of ‘V’ is yellow in color
    • In the new Visa Card when the VISA logo is viewed under a UV light, the ‘V’ is visible in the center of the logo
    • Check for stylized flying V – one stem vertical and other side 45” degree to vertical in VISA Card and special security character ‘MC’ on the master card
    • In new VISA and Master Card the stylish flying ‘V’ and security character ‘MC’ respectively is not incorporated
    • Repeat Master Card/Visa printed in multicolor on the signature panel at 45” degree angle
    • Look for reverse italics print of Card number (16 digits/last 4 digits) on the signature panel followed by a 3 digit code
    • In New VISA card Flying Dove 3D hologram could be either above VISA flag or on the reverse side of the card below signature panel or on the Magnetic strip
    • In new VISA Card signature panel, horizontal line visible for naked eyes, but when viewed under UV light ‘VISA’ is seen printed repeatedly and horizontally
    • In New VISA and Master Card the 3 digit code is printed on separate white panel next to signature panel


    Additional Checks For Fraud Aversion

    Judge the genuineness of Cardholders and be alert when:

    • You notice hasty behaviour, indiscriminate purchase, insisting on taking own delivery of large items, repeated visits to the store either on the same day or consecutive days with multiple cards by a non-regular customer
    • Cardholder is in a hurry to buy indiscriminately and quits the shop; looks nervous and not confident while signing and in a hurry; comes in a few minutes before closing time
    • You see a re-encoded magnetic strip (match card no/name on card with that on the charge slip) Verify the signatures closely & in case of doubt, call the authorisation center.
    • In case of doubt on the card member do not rely merely on the approval received as a result of a swipe on the terminal. In such cases call us on 1800 300 05163 for assistance
    • For Petrol Bunks, please mention the card holders’ vehicle no. behind the charge slip copy
    • For MOBILE PHONE Sale, please mention IMEI number of the invoice for further reference