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Enhanced ATM and POS Withdrawal Limits

Enjoy higher limits with the convenience of setting limits of own choice via net/mobile banking

Setup Limits Easily

What are the different limit options I can set for my platinum debit card?

With the IDFC Visa Platinum Debit Card, you get to set limits for cash withdrawal as well as purchase. Depending on your platinum debit card variant, you have maximum limit set.

Refer to the below table for more details.



Daily ATM Withdrawals

Daily Purchases

Visa Platinum

Rs. 1,00,000

Rs. 2,00,000

You can set  limit for your IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card by logging in to your net banking or through Mobile application.

What are the steps to set up the limit for my IDFC Visa Platinum Debit Card?

We have collated an easy guide for your reference. You can download the guide from here


Are there any limit options for a platinum debit card issued to a Minor savings’ account?

Yes! The special limits you can apply to a Visa platinum debit card issued to Minor Savings Account are:

•  Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit at ATM -  ₹ 10,000

•  Maximum daily purchase limit -  ₹ 10,000

By default only domestic limits will be enabled for Signature Debit Cards issued to minors. Customers can set their own limits within the overall limits by logging on to Net banking or through Mobile application.

How do we set the limits for Minor savings’ account?

a. For minors who are above Ten years of age, they can set their limits by logging on to their Net banking or Mobile Banking account

b. For minors who are below Ten years of age, please reach out to your respective branch to get the changes done. 

What are the charges on International transactions?

a. For any international eCom or POS transaction done using IDFC FIRST Bank Debit card, there will be a 2% markup charge applied.

Would there be any taxes applicable on my International transactions?

All LRS international transactions including withdrawals through ATM, POS or e-commerce transactions done on Foreign Merchants or sites which offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) transactions would be subjected to Tax collected at source at applicable rate defined by government of India. You can find the details here.

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Card Activation Offer

Spend Rs. 1000 on the first transaction with your IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card and get 10% cashback, up to a maximum of Rs.250. Learn more about the benefits of our unique cashback card.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions below for more details 

IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card Offers

Avail from a range of tempting offers which you receive with your IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card. Take a look at all the deals available on:

•  Travel

•  Health

•  Shopping

•  Education

Insurance Cover on Platinum Debit Card

Get the best of health and financial security with ease! IDFC FIRST Bank offers free insurance on debit card and no liability for unauthorised spends on your card. More information give below

Insurance On Debit Card

What are the types of insurance benefits available?

Every IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card holder gets –

• Lost Card Liability

• Personal Accident Insurance

• Air Accident Insurance

• Purchase Protection


Here are the limits applicable:

Card Variant

Personal Accident Insurance

Air Accident Insurance

Purchase Protection

Lost Card Liability

Visa Platinum Debit Card

Rs. 15,00,000

Rs. 25,00,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 2,00,000

What are the benefits of Lost Card Liability?

With IDFC FIRST Bank Platinum Debit Card you have no liability for unauthorized transactions on Debit Cards on receipt of notification from the card holder. 

What are the Visa platinum debit card benefits and eligibility criteria for Personal Card Insurance?

At IDFC FIRST Bank we offer free insurance cover on debit card (death or permanent disability). To claim your insurance cover on debit card, customers need to meet the below eligibility criteria, effective since 1st May’19.


Account & Card Type

Eligibility Criteria



All Savings Accounts with Visa Platinum Debit Card



Minimum 1 POS* transaction in each month, for previous 3 calendar months, immediately preceding the month of incident & value of each such transaction to be >= Rs. 500 in each of the 3 months.


Example: If the actual loss (Death / Permanent Total Disability of cardholder) is in the month of April, then there should be at least 1 POS transaction in each of the previous months of Jan, Feb & Mar and the value of each POS transaction in each of the 3 months has to be >/= Rs. 500.

Additional to this, for Air Insurance the Flight ticket booked should be purchased by debiting Card holders IDFC FIRST Bank account.



Corporate Salary Accounts with Visa Platinum Debit Card

*POS includes retail point of sale transaction and online transactions done on or after 1st of April 2021 using IDFC FIRST Bank Debit card.

What are the Visa platinum debit card benefits for Air Accident Insurance?

Get free Air Accident Insurance cover with the IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card. To redeem the Air Accident Insurance cover on debit card, customers need to meet the above mentioned eligibility, effective 1st May'19. Following terms & conditions will be applicable:

•  In case customer holds multiple debit cards, claim will be extended on the highest eligible debit card (claim on any one debit card held by customer, subject to criteria being met)

•  In case customer has multiple accounts with the bank linked to single debit card, the eligibility criteria need to be met on any 1 of the accounts held by the customer and not for a group/set of accounts

What are the features of Purchase Protection?

In case of fire/theft/burglary, the IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card offers purchase protection for up to 90 days from the date of purchase for transactions carried out at merchant outlets/online using the card.

What are the terms and conditions I need to know?

•  Gross negligence is not covered

•  Breach of law is not covered

•  Claim should be reported by cardholder / Bank to IL within 30 days from the date of receipt of statement where in the disputed transaction is reflected

•  Claim documents to be sent within 30 days from the date of blocking

•  Reporting Period - 7 days pre-reporting to the Bank and 7 days post-reporting Cover

•  IDFC FIRST Bank only handholds the customer through the insurance claim process. The decision to approve/reject a claim lies completely with the insurer. The terms and conditions of insurance policies attached to your IDFC FIRST Bank debit card are subject to change without prior notice.

Do go through Terms, Conditions & Exclusions mentioned here

What are the Insurance offerings on the Debit Cards for Honour FIRST Defence Accounts?

For insurance features, please click hereFor Terms & Conditions, please refer to the following link. For Claim intimation and submission process, refer to the following linkThe aforementioned links are exclusive to Debit Cards for Honour FIRST Defence Accounts.

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Fuel Surcharge Waiver

With IDFC FIRST Bank you can avail fuel surcharge on debit card. Cancel your 2.5% fuel surcharge fee at petrol pumps. This waiver benefit is valid across all fuel pumps across India.

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IDFC VISA Platinum BookmyShow Offer

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