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HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Life


  • Provides comprehensive financial protection to your family
  • Option to choose a cover which fits your needs from 3 plan options
  • Auto balances Death and Critical Illness benefits with increasing age^
  • Get income payouts from age 60 onwards under Income Plus Option
  • Option to avail cover for Whole of Life*
  • Get back all premiums paid on survival till maturity with Return of Premium option**
  • Waiver of Premium on diagnosis of Critical Illness (through WOP CI option)#
  • Additional Sum Assured on Accidental Death (through ADB option)#
  • Special premium rates for female lives and non-tobacco users

^Available under Life & CI Rebalance Option only
*Available under Life Protect and Income Plus Options only
**Available as an inbuilt feature under Income Plus Option and on payment of extra premium under Life Protect Option (Fixed Term variant) and Life & CI Rebalance Option.
# WoP on diagnosis of CI is available as in inbuilt feature under Life & CI Rebalance Option and on payment of extra premium under Life Protect Option (Fixed Term variant). ADB option is available on payment of extra premium under Life Protect Option.


Eligibility Criteria table
Eligibility Criteria Life & CI Rebalance Life Protect Income Plus
Fixed Term Whole Life Fixed Term Whole Life
MIN AGE AT ENTRY 18 Years 18 Years 45 Years 30 Years 45 Years
MAX AGE AT ENTRY 65 Years 65 Years 65 Years 50 Years 10 Pay: 50 years Single Pay, 5 Pay: 55 years
MIN AGE AT MATURITY 28 Years 18 Years Whole of Life 70 Years Whole of Life
MAX AGE AT MATURITY 75 Years 85 Years Whole of Life 85 Years Whole of Life
MIN POLICY TERM 10 Years Single Pay: 1 month
Regular Pay: 5 years
Limited Pay: 6 years
Whole of Life 70 years – Age at Entry Whole of Life
MAX POLICY TERM 30 Years 85 years – Age at Entry Whole of Life 40 Years Whole of Life
Single Pay, Regular Pay, Limited Pay (5 to any PPT less than PT)
Limited Pay (5, 10, 15 pay) Single Pay, Limited Pay (5, 10 pay)
MINIMUM BASIC SUM ASSURED ₹ 2,000,000.00 ₹ 50,000.00
No limit, subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy (BAUP)
All ages are expressed as on last birthday. For all ages, risk commences from the date of inception of the contract.


Life & CI Rebalance Basic Sum Assured will be split between Life Cover SA and Critical Illness SA (CI SA). At the beginning of the cover, Life Cover SA is set at 80% of Basic Sum Assured and CI SA is set at 20% of Basic Sum Assured. For an in-force policy, at every policy anniversary, starting from the first policy anniversary, CI SA will increase every year and Life Cover SA will decrease by the same amount. This amount will be calculated as follows: 30% x Basic Sum assured / Policy Term. On detection of any of the covered Critical Illnesses CI SA is paid out & the Life Cover SA will be fixed at the then applicable level and the same SA will continue until the end of policy term. This is payable as a lump sum to your Nominee if you, the Life Assured die during the policy term.
Life Protect “Death Benefit” is payable as a lump sum to your Nominee if you, the Life Assured die during the policy term.
Income Plus This option provides you with a life cover for the chosen policy term and regular monthly income from age 60 onwards along with a lump sum payout on maturity. Monthly income of 0.1% of the Basic Sum Assured shall be paid in arrears, starting from the policy anniversary following your 60th birthday and continues until your death or policy maturity, whichever occurs earlier also known as survival benefit. The Survival Benefits already paid out shall be deducted from the Death Benefit payable to the Nominee.

Click2Protect Life Brochure

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