Digital is the way forward

Digital is the way forward

In today’s world when the world is moving towards digitalization, online or net banking is a convenience that banking customers are embracing wholeheartedly. The adoption of smart mobile phones coupled with the proliferation of millions of apps, the online banking services have taken a giant leap of faith making online banking transactions a much sought after feature. IDFC FIRST Bank is at the forefront of this revolution in online banking services technology that permits effortless banking 24/7 from any corner of the world anytime.

While you may be one who still wants to avail banking services through a bank branch, we would offer the following 9 compelling reasons why you should move towards Internet banking services.

  1. Convenience

    Online banking or Internet banking is convenience personified. You can avail most of the banking services online from the comfort of your home or office or even on the move. What is more, you can use the services at any time of the day as long as you have access to the Internet.

  2. Host of Banking Services Online

    You can handle all your banking requirements through IDFC’s online banking services or the mobile app. You can avail banking services that include

    • One stop viewing of all your accounts
    • Viewing account balances, paying bills, recharging services, creating and closing fixed deposits
    • Transferring funds to any other IDFC FIRST Bank account or other bank accounts via NEFT, RTGS or IMPS
    • Manage debit card usage – change debit card features
    • Manage Internet banking operations – enable and disable functions
    • Access loan details under a secure environment – available only to the loan customers only
    • Manage loan parameters – make part payment, foreclose, change tenure or EMI
    • Update your account profiles
    • Request cheque books
  3. Omnichannel services

    It does not matter on which device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone – you want to transact, you can do effortlessly as the technology is device proof giving you the same experience no matter which device you are using. The mobile app is a real boon to online banking while on the move.

  4. More control of your finances

    With online banking, you can exercise more control over your finances as you can view the latest information on your app or laptop before you make any decision to spend money. You can also track your transaction and ascertain if your loved one received the money you sent.

  5. Constant Alerts

    You can set up alerts so as to make your banking operations more secure. These alerts will help you to track your account and in the event of unforeseen circumstances or unauthorized transactions, you can take immediate corrective action.

  6. Mobile phone banking is possible

    You can access limited functions on your mobile phone even if there is no Internet access because you can access many services purely on SMS and voice services using only the mobile network.

  7. Online banking is safe

    Since online banking involves constant use and monitoring, your account is more secure and you can take immediate steps to correct any anomaly. If you let your account lie dormant for a long time, then it is more prone to fraud from within and outside. There are many safeguards that you can take with your passwords to supplement the safeguards taken by IDFC FIRST Bank through encryption and other security features.

  8. Shopping is easy

    With online banking especially with a mobile app, you can shop from anywhere any time. In fact, you can receive attractive offers on your mobile and take advantage if the offers suit you. In today’s world of fast moving changes, you can keep abreast of these changes and act accordingly so as not to miss an opportunity to strike a good deal.

  9. Paperless

    With online banking, you don’t need to maintain reams of paper to store your banking records. Everything is available digitally and whenever you want a hard copy, you can print the relevant portion – again anytime anywhere. You can even generate the PIN for various services online.

    The convenience of online banking is a silent productivity tool for you because you don’t have to spend any more time than just clicking a few buttons or touching your Smartphone’s touch screen to access all the banking services you need without visiting the branch. Since you can access these services from anywhere anytime – even while travelling in your car or on a train – you can use the saved time to perform other duties thus utilizing your time more productively. The benefits of net banking are far too many for you to ignore. In fact, you will forego a lot of convenience if you ignore or neglect to register for online banking services.