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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage against occurrences that are likely to spoil your trip. It comes with travel medical insurance and also covers other risks so that you can enjoy your trip hassle-free. A travel insurance policy is a popular choice among people travelling on vacations, business trips, or for studies. Buy travel insurance online and secure yourself from any loss/damage incurred, which might create a financial burden otherwise. It will essentially secure you and provide coverage under the following circumstances:

• Medical Expenses
• Personal Accident
• Medical Evacuation
• Loss of Passport
• Loss of Checked-in Baggage
• Theft/Loss of Personal Belongings
• Trip Cancellation & Curtailment
• Trip Delays
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While travelling abroad, you surely would want to come back home with a bucket of happy memories. Right from your first flight to the stay and the return journey, you can ensure a safe and hassle-free experience.

IDFC FIRST Bank brings you some of the best Travel Insurance plans from leading General insurance companies in the Industry – ICICI Lombard & Future Generali. We aim to provide a curated set of products to simplify the selection process for our customers.Read Less


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    • Emergency Medical Expenses - The cost of medical treatment abroad is not the same as in India. Countries like the USA are famous for skyrocketing medical services. But if you have travel medical insurance, all your medical expenses will be covered up to the sum insured limit in case of hospitalization due to an illness or accident abroad. They will also arrange an emergency medical evacuation to a hospital if required. Moreover, being admitted to a network hospital can help you avail of cashless medical services.
    • Mandatory Requirement - Several countries around the world have made it mandatory to possess a valid travel insurance policy to apply for a visa for that country. For instance, you need to insure your journey if you want to apply for the Schengen visa.
    • Helping Hand in Remote Areas - Insuring your journey can turn out to be useful if you are travelling to remote parts abroad. In case you need emergency medical services in areas with poor medical facilities, your insurer can evacuate you to the nearest city or country and help you get medical treatment on time.
    • Stress-Free Trip - An outstation journey can come with its share of uncertainties and cause a lot of stress to the travelers if an unforeseen incident occurs. But if you have insured your journey, all your emergencies can be taken care of by your insurer and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.
    • Flight-related Complications - You often get stuck in a flight or airline-related issues that shake your trip itinerary. Whether there has been a flight delay, checked-in baggage loss/delay, missed connecting flight or flight hijack, you will be adequately compensated if you have insured your journey.
    • Protects the Entire Family - A family travel insurance not only offers protection to you but to each member of your family while travelling. Most travel insurance companies allow you to choose the sum insured on an individual and family floater basis.
    • Replacement of Lost or Stolen Baggage - In case of loss of baggage or theft of your belongings from your baggage while travelling overseas, your insurer will compensate you for your loss.
    • Pays for Personal Liability - In case an unfortunate incident abroad results in a legal liability being imposed on you, your insurer will pay off your liabilities and cover any legal court expenses that you may incur.
    • Emergency Cash Assistance - In case you get robbed of your money during your stay abroad, your insurer will come to your rescue and arrange emergency cash for you.


Key Features of Best Travel Insurance Policy

·         Emergency Hospitalization & Medical Treatment:  Nobody can rule out the possibility of a medical emergency while travelling. By insuring your journey, you can stay assured as all your hospitalization and treatment expenses will be taken care of by your insurer.

·         Compensation for Flight-Related Adversities: Facing any adversities related to your flight is very common and chances of facing it increase if you are travelling abroad. Whether there has been a flight delay leading to a missed connecting flight or a delay or loss of baggage by your airline, your insurer will compensate for the losses you have incurred.

·         Trip-Related Adversities:  Nobody knows when an emergency can hinder your travel plans and would force you to delay or cancel your trip. International travel insurance provides coverage for unforeseen trip delays or trip cancellation.

·         Cashless Hospitalization Facility: If you get hospitalized or are availing medical treatment at an empanelled hospital of your insurer, you can receive cashless service under your international travel insurance online plan in which all your medical bills will be settled directly by your insurer. You would not have to pay up the hospital for any covered treatment.

·         Customized Policies for Senior Citizens:  While travelling, the needs of senior citizens are way different from the needs of other kinds of travellers. Taking cognizance of this fact, most travel insurance companies offer customized trip insurance policies for elderly people who are travelling within India or abroad

·         Available for Frequent Flyers:  Buying an insurance policy for each journey can turn out to be pretty expensive for people who travel frequently or multiple times in a year. To ensure that such frequent flyers enjoy the perks of trip, travel insurance plans on each journey without spending a fortune, insurance providers offer multi-trip policies with a year-long validity.

Types of Travel Insurance

  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: This type of insurance plan is for people who undertake multiple overseas journeys in a year. It offers the same level of benefits on every trip, without buying a new policy before each journey. Thus, a traveler ends up saving large sums of money by opting for a multi-trip insurance policy. It is mostly purchased by people who go abroad frequently for business purposes.
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: This type of insurance plan protects the insured traveler only for a single journey. Its validity begins with the start of the journey and ends with its culmination on returning home. This international travel insurance comes with a host of coverage that consists of medical cover as well as non-medical covers such as delay or loss of check-in baggage, personal liability, etc.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

The travel insurance policy provides a safety net from any unwanted expenses that would otherwise ruin your trip. These expenses include:

·         Trip Delay

·         Loss of Passport

·         Repatriation of Mortal Remains

·         Delayed/ Loss of Baggage

·         Medical-Related Emergency

·         Emergency Medical Evacuation

·         Hijack Distress Allowance

·         Compassionate Visit

·         Accidental Death and Disability

·         Home Burglary 

Exclusions of Travel Insurance Plans

Most trip insurance policies do not cover any claims arising out of the following reasons:

·         Claims arising due to dependency on intoxicants

·         War, Civil War or Terrorism

·         HIV AIDS

·         Alternative treatment

·         Cosmetic Treatment

·         Adventure Sports

·         Suicide or Self-Inflicted Injury

·         Pre-existing Diseases

Buy Travel Insurance Online: Things to Remember

In order to make an informed choice, you need to keep the following things in mind while buying an insurance policy for your journey:

  • Traveller’s Age - Almost all insurers provide policies that suit the needs of travellers of different ages. For instance, senior citizen insurance has been custom-made to protect the elderly while travelling. Thus, travellers should select policies according to their age.
  • Sum Insured Amount - The sum insured amount is directly proportional to the premium cost. The trip insurance policies with higher sum insured draw higher premiums. However, you must choose a sum insured amount that adequately covers your needs in case of an unforeseen incident.
  • Coverage Offered - Compare and analyze the different coverage provided by various insurers. Your insurance should protect you from most of the risks that you may face during your journey abroad.
  • Destination – The place where you are travelling should definitely be taken into consideration while narrowing down an insurance plan for your journey. Many insurance providers offer destination-specific policies such as Schengen insurance. Make sure you are covered from any threats that you are likely to face while visiting your destination.
  • Trip Duration - The duration of your journey plays a major role in estimating your premium amount. The longer the journey, the higher the premium will get. Choose a policy that charges a lesser premium for the total duration of your journey.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio - Before buying an insurance policy for your journey, you should check the claim settlement ratio of the different insurance companies. A company with a higher claim settlement ratio has settled more claims and thus should be preferred while buying trip insurance online.
  • Credibility of the Insurance Provider - It is important to research about the credibility and goodwill of the insurance company while selecting an insurance policy for your journey. A company that enjoys goodwill in the market can be considered reliable and will settle the claims on time.
  • Affordability - The best policy is the one that provides the maximum coverage at minimum cost. Make sure to choose a policy that is economical but provides all crucial covers.
  • Hassle-Free Claim Procedure - While choosing an insurance policy for your journey, find out about the claim procedures of different policies. Complicated claim procedures will be more of a hassle at the time of settling the claim. You should choose the insurer with the quickest and most convenient claim process.