Check out top 5 conveniences of having a debit card

Debit cards offer you a world of convenience, top-grade security and ease of access to your bank account. You can withdraw cash from any ATM, and also go cashless by swiping debit cards at any merchant outlet to pay for goods & services. Tucked in one corner of your pocket or bag, a debit card is like having the entire bank at your services 24 by 7 and 365 days a year. Let us look at the 5 super conveniences offered by debit cards. If you are not enjoying any of them, it may time to consider a debit card from IDFC FIRST Bank.

Debit card cashback

You don't only pay through a debit card, sometimes you get paid back too. Yes, good debit cards start paying cashback right from the word go. The moment you activate such debit cards, you stand to gain. Spend Rs 1000 or more on your first transaction using IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Signature Debit Card and the bank will give you 10% back, up to a maximum of Rs 250. Check out if your existing visa platinum debit card is offering this benefit or not.

Banks will also pay cashback everytime you conduct cashless transactions at selected merchants. Some of the banks offer you lucrative debit card offers which include getting reward points for transactions, and then you can redeem the reward points by getting cash back or buying some items at throwaway prices.

Card protection

You may have heard about debit cards being used to defraud customers. However, new debit cards come with total protection that shields your money, stop unauthorized access and give you full peace of mind.

This can be achieved because new debit cards offer a PIN-based protection for all transactions. That protects you against any fraudulent usage. Because, you are asked for your PIN every time, nobody apart from you can authorize the transaction. Never share your debit card number and the PIN with anybody, including relatives. If anybody calls and claims to be from the bank, even then never share your debit card details.

Money-saving offers

Debit cards provide two types of offers that save you money. The first type of offers is given by the bank. The second type is given by the electronic fund transfer processor like Visa. You may compare the offers given by the visa platinum debit card

Let us first know about the debit card offers given by banks.

Booking tickets can get you up to Rs. 250 debit card cashback every month if your bank has a tie-up with ticket portals like BookMyShow.

Travelling is fun and could also save you money. Tie-ups with operators like Thomas Cook can give you up to 10% discount on hotel and holidays when you use your debit cards. Booking a hotel? You can get a 27% discount on all hotel bookings.

Plus, there are discounts on course fees, specific products, and experiences.

Payment processor Visa's offers include discounts at as many as 28 portals. Avail exciting discounts on select online and offline stores using your IDFC FIRST Bank Visa Signature Debit Card.

Lounge Access

Using a smart debit card also has top of the line privileges.

With a good debit card, you can upgrade your travel experience with complimentary access to airport lounges in India. Take a moment in the lap of luxury and relax in comfortable seats, use free Wi-Fi, catch the latest action on LCD TVs and more.

Debit cards a pre-agreed number of complimentary access for cardholders every calendar quarter. This may differ from one bank to another. In addition to the complimentary access, debit card holders can also get unrestricted access for and for his/her accompanying guests for a small fee on a paid basis.

Fuel savings

Debit cards make commuting in and out of the city cheaper. Confused? This is because debit cards give you freedom from paying 2.5% fuel surcharge across any petrol pump in India. Good cards offer this waiver for all the fuel pumps across the country. In others, the waiver is linked to a particular brand of oil marketing company.

Fuel is one of the most important components of your monthly budget. But, fuel in India doesn’t exactly come cheap. With global oil prices rising, a litre of petrol costs about Rs 75-80. This is why the fuel surcharge waiver offered by debit cards helps to save a small percentage, on your monthly fuel expenses. Before going for a debit card for this, compare debit card offers across the spectrum to understand the quantum of savings.