Processing Fees Up to ₹10,000 To be paid at the time of loan agreement execution

Other charges


Up to ₹


EMI bounce charges ₹400 For each presentation dishonoured
Repayment instrument swap charges ₹500 Per repayment change request
Copies of documents Charges ₹500 Per request for copies
Duplicate list of documents ₹500 Per request of list of documents
Duplicate No Objection certificate/No Due Certificate ₹500 Request in addition to bank’s issued letter
Other Statutory / Mortgage creation charges e.g. Stamp duty, MOD, MOE, etc. On actuals As applicable for each state for creation of mortgage
MCLR to EBR type 0.5% of principal outstanding  0.5% or ₹20,000/- whichever is lower

Charges on account of delayed payments/defaults


Up to ₹


Default Interest 2% per month. Default Interest is levied in case of non-payment of the monthly payment. It is charged on the overdue instalment for the defaulted period.
Incidental charges & Expenses Incidental charges & expenses are levied to cover the costs, charges, expenses and other monies that may have been expended in connection with recovery of dues from a defaulting customer. Charged on actuals



Up to ₹


Re-pricing Fees Up to 2% Re-pricing Fee will be charged on loan outstanding. At the request of the borrower, bank at its sole discretion may permit the borrower for repricing of the loan

Part payment fees

Type of Fees Remarks
Part Payment Fees - Nil charges for individual and floating borrower.
- For all non-individual & fixed rate individual loans 5% of principal outstanding if part payment exceeds 25% in a financial year exclusive of taxes.

Foreclosure fees

Type of Fees Remarks
Foreclosure Fees - Nil for floating rate individual loans
- For floating rate non individual & fixed rate individual & non-individual loans (MOB <= 12 months - 4% of principal outstanding & MOB >= 12 months - 3% of principal outstanding exclusive of taxes)  

Interest Rate

All loans disbursed on or before 30th September 2019 would continue to be linked with MCLR.


Product External Benchmark
Fixed Spread over External Benchmark
Housing Loan Repo 2.50%
  • Additional Premium (c) up to 400 bps will be added depending on customer risk profile, product strategy, market competition etc, which will be over and above the (a) External Benchmark (b) Fixed Spread over External Benchmark
  • • Premium will be fixed at the time of the origination of the loan and will not be changed unless the borrower’s credit assessment undergoes a substantial change, as agreed upon in the loan contract.
  • • In no case the fixed spread be changed for a minimum period of 3 years from the contracted rate.
  • • The Repo Rate will be updated on a quarterly basis and any change in the Repo Rate will be passed on to the customers on the next reset date.

Reset Frequency

Loans booked from 1st October 2019 onwards which are linked with EBR (External Benchmark Rate) would be reset every 3 months.


Specialized insurance products funded with Home Loans

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Short & Sweet Home Loan Fees & Charges

Cash and DD charges

     Charges in INR
    Cash Deposit Free Limit      1 lac
    Cash deposit -Charge above free limit       ₹3 per 1000
   DD payable at Correspondent Bank locations      ₹30 per DD
   Cheque Return

    Cheque deposited – ₹50      per cheque

    Cheque issued – ₹250 per cheque

Debit Card & ATM charges

  Charges in INR  
Annual charges Free  
ATM transactions IDFC Bank Ltd. ATMS Free  
ATM transactions Non IDFC ATMS (Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry) 5 Txn per month Free, above 5 txn, Balance Enquiry ₹8 per Txn, Withdrawal ₹20 per Txn  
Reissuance (lost or damaged) Free  
Cross Country Mark Up for International transactions (POS/ATM) 2%  
Pin Regeneration Free  

Payment Services

  Charges in INR
Intra-Bank Fund Transfer - Branch Free
Intra-Bank Fund Transfer -Internet Banking Free
RTGS Payment - Branch Free
RTGS Payment - Internet Banking Free
NEFT Payment - Branch Free
NEFT Payment - Internet Banking Free
NACH Payment Free
Payable At Par Cheque Issuance Free
DD payable at IDFC BANK locations Free
DD - Duplicate Issuance Free
DD Cancellation/ revalidation Free

Miscellaneous Services

  Charges in INR
Account Statement Physical ( Branch/ Channel) Free
Payable at Par Cheque Book Free
Account Closure Free
SMS/ E mail Alerts Free
Phone Banking Free
Net Banking Free
Mobile Banking Free
Standing Instruction- Set Up/Execution/Amendment Free
Bill Payment- Net Banking Free
Bankers Verification (Photo/ Signature/ Address) Free
Balance Confirmation Certificate Free
Record Retreival Free
Interest/ TDS Certificate Free
Stop Payment per Instruction Free
Balance Enquiry (Branch/ Channels) Free


  Upto Rs. Remarks
Re-pricing Fees Upto 2% Re-pricing Fee will be charged on loan outstanding. At the request of the borrower, bank at its sole discretion may permit the borrower for repricing of the loan

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