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Avoid the rush, embrace the plan! A post-COVID tourist survival guide

27 Sep 2021 by Team FinFIRST
Avoid the rush, embrace the plan! A post-COVID tourist survival guide

Revenge of the Tourist!

The COVID pandemic had quite a few charming eccentricities to it. People understood how to embrace home life, inner reflection happened, and the concept of work from home got a real boost. However, the one passion that was universally aggravated was wanderlust. This pent-up frustration has seemingly found its outlook in simply waiting for the lockdown to be lifted and for tourist sites to be declared open, and then – it’s war! With World Tourism Day around the corner (27 September), the travelers within us have been bound for too long.

This is colloquially called ‘revenge tourism’, and it can seem deceptively satisfying, as the name suggests. Simply going to a place because you can and finding satisfaction within that action is neither good for your pocket nor for extracting the full benefit from a place and, frankly, not enough manna for your soul. 

This is not the way to go forward, fellow travelers. The tourism industry will ensure that you are going to be enticed, given that it will take them till the end of 2022 to regain the size of their industry to pre-COVID levels. Pay attention to the below-mentioned hacks and techniques to enjoy your travel to the fullest post-COVID! This is the best time to travel provided you prepare in advance.


The hallmark of revenge tourism is not thinking at all. No lockdown at the place you wish to visit? Then that’s it! This rush results in quite a Kafkaesque experience. Relax. Make a list of the places that you want to see and keep their descriptions general. Then place a few calls to hotels and resorts operating in those regions. They will have precise knowledge as to the lockdown rules and when you can visit. They can also give you information about sites you may want to see and access to them. This process ensures that you have an excellent idea about a few places that you wish to go to make an informed decision about them. 


5 simple ways to plan a vacation without going into debt

Subscription economy and its evolution in India

The smaller, the better

Travelling with a large bunch of people is a lot of fun. Usually, the gang can count on each other for laughs and thrills – the more, the merrier. But avoid this in your first few post-COVID travels. Small groups are mandated. The post-COVID situation is always uncertain, and the flexibility small groups provide can’t be beaten. Larger groups will face a lot of difficulties if plans need to be changed. So how small should your travelling group be? Ideally, just as large as can fit in a car, which is how you should plan your travel as well. So, one car with two or three individuals travelling together. The rationale is that though resorts are cheaper now, travel is more expensive. And doubly so in tourist spots. So take your vehicle and only enough people that fit comfortably in that vehicle. 

Do a recce

Plan everything, and we mean everything! This does not just extend to pre-booking your stay. It involves booking at restaurants, at tourist sites, booking ferry rides, travel, and anything that can be pre-booked. For one, it greatly helps in accounting for the trip. Then it helps in planning the trip. And lastly, it helps you understand what activities can be facilitated, what ideas may have to be scrapped, and when is the best time for them. 

The magic of efund

An efund is a very new investment type that allows you to invest in a property. The newness of this investment is that you can transfer your investment in a property or liquidate your investment and get an equal amount of equity for it. Here is how this relates to an awesome vacation.

Invest in a property near the destination you wish to travel to. This will be far cheaper than renting a property or even paying for accommodation at a hotel or resort. Moreover, your vacation will be an incredible investment that you are part of!


You get to have a stake in the place, which comes with its advantages. For instance, you get ‘local rates’ and insider treatment. So make plans with a few friends and efund your way across the best tourist spots in India. 

To sum up

As COVID changes all our perspectives, it is good to also have a relook at tourism. For the short term, stay clear of revenge tourism. Plan your itinerary well, and start looking at your vacation as an excellent way to invest. Efund a few places and get paid to party with friends and family. Remember, the value of the place you efund appreciates or depreciates depends on the amount of fun you can inject into the place. Spread the word and have fun while generating wealth! Just like IDFC First Bank's refer and earn money app which helps you with additional source of income without investment. The better the time you have, the better the rates will be.



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