• As per amendment in the Income Tax Rules, PAN or Aadhaar are to be mandatorily quoted for cash deposit or withdrawal aggregating to Rupees twenty lakhs or more in a FY. Please update your PAN or Aadhaar. Kindly reach out to the Bank’s contact center on 1800 10 888 or visit the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch for further queries.

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Terms and Conditions - Phone Banking

  1. The Customer confirms that, at the Customer’s request, the Bank has agreed to additionally provide the Customer with the facility of carrying out banking transactions by giving telephonic instructions (if applicable to particular product) which may be accepted either manually or by an automated system (“Phone Banking Facility”). The Customer further understands and accepts that these Terms and Conditions are in addition to any and all such specific terms and conditions as may be applicable to the Phone Banking Facility (including applicable payment methods/charges). The Customer understands and agrees that the availment of the Phone Banking Facility will be deemed acceptance of the said terms and conditions
    and the Customer agrees to be unconditionally bound by the same.
  2. The Customer is aware that in connection with the Phone Banking Facility, the Bank shall allocate to the Customer, or the authorized representative/ signatory of the Customer, as the case may be, a confidential telephone personal identification number which may thereafter be changed, if so desired by the Customer/authorized representative (“T-PIN”). The Customer understands and confirms that the T-PIN is a confidential code and the Customer is solely liable to ensure that it is not disclosed or misused.
  3. The Customer is required to provide to the Bank over the telephone the Account details and T-PIN prior to carrying out any transactions on the Account that may be permitted under the Phone Banking Facility. In the event the Customer is not able to avail of the Phone Facility using the T-PIN, the Bank may allow usage of the said Facility on a case-to-case basis by way of a reference check. The Customer understands and acknowledges that the Customer shall not be otherwise be required to divulge, either orally or in writing, the Customer’s T-PIN and would only be required to key the same only while accessing the Phone Banking Facility. The Customer may link any and all of the Customer’s Accounts held with the Bank to the Phone Banking Facility.
  4. The Customer understands and accepts that the telephonic instructions given through the Phone Banking Facility may also include instructions to change the Customer’s demographic details such as residence and/or mailing address, residence and or office telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address or any other personal details of the Customer as decided by the Bank from time to time, subject to the submission of such documents of proof, as may be stipulated by the Bank in this regard.
  5. Account Representative of the Customer

    1. Any Customer, who is not an individual, may nominate persons, who may or may not be Authorized Signatory(ies), as an account representative(s) of the Account (the “Account Representative(s)”). Each Account Representative would be given a recognition Card with a unique 16-digit number (the “Recognition Card”) in addition to a T-PIN to access the Account through the Phone Banking Facility. The Account Representative can also access the Account through the Internet Banking facility by way of an Internet Personal Identification Number (“IPIN”) created by the Customer on the Web-site. The Customer understands that each Account Representative would be required to utilize the Recognition Card provided in conjunction with the corresponding T-PIN/IPIN to perform any transactions on the Account. The limit for transactions which each Account Representative may undertake will be in accordance with the specific form for that purpose executed by the Customer. The Customer understands and acknowledges that the Account Representative will not be able to perform transactions through any channel other than the Phone Banking Facility and/or Internet Banking facility. The Customer is aware that any of the Account Representatives may initiate a transaction over the telephone and/or the Internet in accordance with the authorization for the same provided to the Bank through written instructions. The Customer hereby confirms that the Account Representative is fully conversant with the procedures, as explained to the Customer, which are required to be complied with and further confirms that the Customer and each Account Representative shall comply with the same.
    2. In the event of a debit instruction being initiated by an Account Representative/Authorized Signatory that, as per the authorization provided to the Bank requires confirmation of another/other Account Representative(s)/Authorized Signatory(ies), the funds will go into debit status and cannot be withdrawn or transacted upon in any way through any channel till such instruction is cancelled by any of the required Account Representatives. The Customer understands that if the Bank does not receive the required authorizations for any transaction initiated within 2 (two) days of the first call/login, the transaction shall stand automatically cancelled and the funds which have been previously marked for debit will be available in the Account. In case of debit instructions, where there are not enough funds in the Account, any funds lying in multi-deposit(s) linked to the Account, shall be utilized. Failing the required authorization within 2 (two) days, the amount will flow back into the Account, but will not be reinstated as a multi-deposit unless express instructions for the same are received by the Bank. The Bank shall not be liable nor responsible for any dishonour of cheques or any other loss caused in any manner whatsoever, due to non-availability of funds, while such funds have been marked for debit pending confirmation and authorization by the other Account Representative(s)/Authorized Signatory.
    3. On receipt of instructions from the Account Representative/ Authorized Signatory, the Bank shall have no responsibility except to verify the Recognition Card and match the same with the individual T-PIN/IPIN respectively. In the event of any mismatch or unclear instructions, the Bank shall not be obliged to act upon the instructions nor inform the Customer or the Account Representative/Authorized Signatory of the same.
    4. The Customer understands that the Bank shall only take on record any change/removal or suspension of any Account Representative/Authorized Signatory, upon receipt of written instructions from the Customer in such form as is acceptable to the Bank and shall provide to the Bank such other documents as may be required by the Bank for the purposes of recording such change. The Customer is aware that such change would be effective after 4 (four) Working Days after receipt of such written instructions by the Bank.
    5. The Customer understands that the Recognition Card, T-PINs and IPINs are confidential and that each person to whom such PIN has been assigned shall at all times keeps the same confidential and the Customer shall be solely responsible and liable for any and all losses that may be suffered/incurred by the Customer.