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Is there a Joining/Membership fee for IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards?

There is NO Joining or Membership fee applicable on any of IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards.

What are the documents required for processing a credit card application?

As a pre-approved customer, there are no documents required to be submitted. We will process your application without documents instantly

What is the interest rate levied if there is a delay / non-payment of my credit card dues?

The interest rate is applicable only on revolving balances, i.e. if you choose to pay less than your toal amount due and carry over the balances, beyond your payment due date.

IDFC FIRST Bank offers an interest rate of 0.75% - 2.99% per month, which is lowest in the industry. Typically banks charge 3.45% per month

How do I earn reward points?

You will earn rewards points for all purchase transactions* done on your IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card.

*Transactions that will not accrue reward points: 1) Cash Withdrawal 2) Transactions done on fuel and insurance categories 3) Transactions which are converted to EMI

How many points do I earn per transaction?

For every ₹100 spent, you will receive 3 reward points on all offline transactions, 6 reward points on all online transactions and 10 reward points on all incremental spends above ₹20,000 every billing cycle.

Cash Withdrawal, Insurance, Fuel & EMI conversion transactions will not accrue reward points.

1X = 1 reward point = ₹0.25

When will the welcome bonus offers/points be credited to my account?

You will earn gift vouchers worth ₹500 as a welcome offer with your IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card, on a minimum spend of ₹15000 within the first 3 months of card issuance.

What are the minimum IDFC FIRST Bank Rewards I need to start redeeming?

You do not need a minimum number of reward points to start redeeming your rewards.

Are there any charges for redemption of reward points?

There are NO charges for reward redemption.

Is there an expiry date on the reward points accrued on my card?

There is NO expiry date to the reward points accrued on your IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Card

What is the Merchant EMI conversion?

Merchant EMI conversions' are transactions converted into Equal Monthly Instalments (EMI) by the merchant at the time of the transaction. These transactions would be converted into EMIs by charging interest on the monthly reducing balance. The interest rate is communicated at the time of availing the product. 5% Cash back for a 'Merchant EMI' transaction is offered solely by the merchant / brand and shall be credited to the card account only on receipt of the funds from the merchant / brand. This process may take up to 90 business days.

Why do I not have an IDFC FIRST Bank pre-approved credit card offer?

Eligiblity of pre-approved credit card offer is based on bank's internal policies. Do not worry, we will reach out to you as soon as we have an offer for you.

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