Retail Forex

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Retail Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Stay protected against the risks of foreign exchange exposures! IDFC FIRST Bank offers a full suite for retail forex and interest rate risk management solutions that include –

1. FX Forwards

2. Time option FX Forwards

3. FX Options and variants

4. Exchange-Traded Currency Derivatives (ETCD) both on NSE and BSE


• Customised hedging solutions to SME, MSME, Retail and Individual Customers

• Dealing room setup in 6 centres to provide efficient solutions

• Experienced product solutions managers to handle your treasury requirements

• Trading/clearing member of NSE/BSE

Structured Investment Solutions for Non-Residents

Get alternative investment solutions that yield better results and comes with efficient execution & servicing.

• INR Yielder: enhance the INR maturity yield by booking Forward Contract on FCY deposit

• FCY Yielder: enhance the FCY maturity yield by booking Forward Contract on INR deposit 

Remittance Services

Seamless retail FX transfer of funds in 14 currencies through our correspondent bank arrangements across the globe.

• Efficient handling of both Capital account (FDI, FPI, ODI, Dividend, etc.) and Current account (trade related, A1, A2) transaction for the SME/MSME.

• DOTFX- Portal delivering transparency and speed for retail FX rates

• BXP –Facilitating end to end Integration of Trade Solutions and Forex

• Digiremit - STP for transferring funds abroad for individual clients via Internet Banking

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