NRI FAQ Debit Cards

    1. Do I need a Debit Card to access my IDFC FIRST Bank NRI Account?

    No , you can access your IDFC FIRST Bank account through internet banking or on the mobile app. The first thing you need to do is create your own User ID & Password. We don’t send you hard to remember user ID & PINs. All you need is your Customer ID (this is sent you on e-mail after your account was opened) and mobile number, follow the steps on and you will be done in no time. You can also create your user ID & PIN on our mobile app. The mobile APP is also M-PIN/ Biometric auth enabled to allow simple & secure log-in. You can subsequently place a request for a physical debit card using your internet banking / mobile banking app.

    2. Will I automatically receive a Debit Card for my IDFC FIRST Bank NRI Account?

    A physical card is not offered by default and is available on request. We will set up a Virtual Debit Card as soon as your account is opened and activated. Internet Banking & E-com transactions are enabled on this card.If you would like a physical debit card to be sent to you, you can request for the same on internet banking or the mobile app.

    3. Are there any fees or finance charges for using a Debit Card?

    No, there is no finance charges. For fees, click here to refer to our schedule of charges.

    4. Will I get different Debit Cards for my Non-Resident External and Non-Resident Ordinary IDFC FIRST Bank NRI Accounts?

    We offer you the convenience of a single Debit Card for both your NRE & NRO accounts. IDFC FIRST Bank offers unique on-the-fly swap for your to switch your primary account (from NRE to NRO & vice versa)