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10 June, 2020

EMI moratorium, a burden?

Why you shouldn’t opt for an EMI moratorium if you don’t need one

#MoratoriumSamjho, A Customer Awareness Initiative Program by IDFC FIRST Bank

24 June 2020

#MoratoriumSamjho, A Customer Awareness Initiative Program by IDFC FIRST Bank(Hindi)

6 July 2020

To avail moratorium benefit for August, apply between 21st and 25th July, 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the moratorium facility?

Moratorium is essentially a “pause” in contracted repayment obligations. In other words, it is deferment of loan instalments. RBI’s initial announcement covered up to three months’ instalments due between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2020; RBI’s second announcement covered three months instalments due between June 1, 2020 and August 30, 2020. However, the interest will accrue and be payable by the customer. The accrued interest will be collected from the customer by extending the original tenor of the loan.

Will you automatically consider Moratorium 2.0 for customers who applied (or were covered) under Moratorium 1.0? If not, what is the process to apply for moratorium 2.0?

No, customers who wish to avail Moratorium 2.0 must apply for it. Those who were covered under Moratorium 1.0 also have to re-apply.

Repayment instrument provided by the customer will be sent for clearing as per the laid out process before the due dates. The customer will have to send in an email requesting for moratorium for the month, 5 days before the due date

Retail customers who wish to avail the moratorium should send their requests 5 days before the payment’s due date by:

  • Visiting our website and submitting their details to apply. We will activate the moratorium for the unpaid EMI of the month applied for.
  • Sending an email from their registered email address to moratorium2@idfcfirstbank.com, quoting the Loan Account Number.

Corporate, SME and MSME customers (including Business Banking and Kisan Credit Card), who have availed working capital facilities/term loans, are also eligible for moratorium relief. Such customers can get in touch with their relationship managers.

Rural and agriculture customers can avail the facility by contacting their relationship officer or visit the nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch and submit a request.

What are the benefits of the moratorium?

Customers can benefit in the following ways by availing a moratorium:

  1. Loan instalments are deferred for up to 6 months.
  2. The loan does not get reported to the bureau as a defaulter during the moratorium period
  3. We will not levy penal or bounce cheque charges on customer’s loan account for instalments during the moratorium period.
  4. d) Your Savings or Current Account Bank might levy charges for bounce charges should your request not reach us in time. Please contact your Bank for any reversals.

It is advisable to note that opting for the moratorium will result in interest being charged on the outstanding loan amount during the period of moratorium. Also, the tenor of the loan will also increase. Hence, customers should avail the moratorium facility only if they are unable to pay their EMI.

What if I don’t want to avail a moratorium for loan? Do I need to inform the Bank?

No, as a customer, you do not need to inform us in case you do not want to avail a moratorium. Such customers are advised to maintain adequate balances so that the instalment dues are paid on time. We will continue to present the repayment instruments and this will reflect into the Loan Account.

Will interest be charged during moratorium?

Yes, interest will continue to accrue during the moratorium period at the same rate as per your loan contract. The interest accrued would be added to the principal which in turn will extend the tenure of the loan as the EMI amount will be unchanged. Hence, it is advisable that customers should avail moratorium only if they are unable to pay their EMI.

Will the tenor of my loan increase if I avail moratorium?

Yes, the tenor of your loan will increase if you avail moratorium. The repayment schedule for such instalment loans who have been provided moratorium benefits will be extended to recover the deferred instalments, along with applicable interest.

Can I opt-out once I have requested for the moratorium?

Yes, you can opt-out by paying the outstanding EMI. You may simply make the necessary payment here: https://reporting.capitalfirst.com/quickpay/qpinfo.aspx. Once the payment is made, you can send the request to opt out to moratorium2@idfcfirstbank.com



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