When buying a gift for your mother you might be wondering if you should go beyond yummy chocolates and fresh flowers. The truth is your mother gave you the gift of life. No gift can match what she gave to you. Life is about the future. Your gift should be about the acknowledgement and appreciation of having received life. So, give mom something that can help her far into the future - a financial gift. Give her a fixed deposit (FD), which she can use for many years. An FD account is probably as old motherhood. This can be a unique financial gift which will last a lifetime.

You may argue what is so special about a fixed deposit. A Fixed Deposit account may be very common, but just because something is common does not mean it is useless. From the day you were born, your parents led by your mother thought about building a great future for you. Where did they save money that you needed later? The answer is bank FD. A fixed deposit is where it all started --- your financial future's foundation.

When you gift your mother a bank FD, you are speaking her language. In the world of motherhood, safety is paramount. Among the many fixed deposit features, the ability to depend on FD account is the biggest one. This financial gift is a guarantee that your mom will receive competitive interest rates for the tenure. The money is 100% safe because it is not linked to any volatile asset. The bank takes care of an FD account exactly in the same way a mother looks after her children. When you gift a bank fixed deposit account to your mom, you are giving her a peerless gift that will forever stay young.

The ability to liquidate at any time is one of the key fixed deposit features. Investments are dime a dozen. We all save money and invest them in avenues we think are reliable. But is there any financial instrument which can guarantee you a fixed sum of money and the flexibility of able to get that amount at any time? Not many can do so. Bank FDs are among the few ones which give you the power to withdraw and close the account at any time. Also, your mother can be rest assured that she will receive the principal and applicable interest at any time. There are almost no fees or charges slapped during FD account withdrawal time.  

Because good financial institutions give a complimentary savings account with an FD, your mother will get a new route to save more money. While the fixed deposit you have opened for her will always remain, a savings account will allow her to save as much as she wants. She can operate the account both online and offline with little hassle. This is akin to mother empowerment and women empowerment. The FD principal will grow as interest is accumulated, and on the other hand, the complimentary savings account will become her trusted financial avenue to make a small kitty of her own. The best thing about all this is that your mother will not require any external help to conduct her activities. 

Our mothers are the keeper of traditions. They are also the best friends who know your secrets. Show her that you value her commitment and work by giving her a bank fixed deposit packed with super benefits. This just may be the best gift ever sons and daughters can give to mothers to connect with them emotionally, while supporting her financially.