Let's create the world's best bank right here in India.

We are a bank that is in the process of making history.

We embrace the new, the cutting-edge, the revolutionary.

We are built firm on integrity and values.

We are dynamic, and always moving forward.

And yet, we are engineered for stability.

We believe in winning not just business, but hearts as well.

And we're here to serve the society for all that it has given us.

We are building the world's best bank. Come be a part of it.

IDFC FIRST Bank provides a clean, ethical, and growth-oriented work culture where employees feel inspired and energised every day by being a part of a larger, more meaningful mission.

Winning Team

Be part of a winning team!

If you enjoy being part of the winning team, simply begin with us.

When we talk of winning, it’s not the way the world usually sees it. At IDFC FIRST Bank, winning always starts with our customers. Winning for us means ‘Always doing what is right for our customers’. If you can win their hearts, success will follow. The Success of the CUSTOMERS is the only measure of our success.

IDFC FIRST Bank is a fast-growing bank. In our very first year of operations as a merged entity, the bank saw rather extraordinary growth.

Our retail Loan Book grew by 40%, from ₹40,812 crore as on March 31, 2019 to ₹57,310 crore as on March 31, 2020. Our portfolio is diversified over 9 million customers. To be able to lend millions of small loans with a ticket size as low as ₹12,000 at a large scale are some of our technological and decision-making capabilities. To build a diversified loan book is one of the foundations for any bank, and we made strong progress on that front. It also goes well with our mission statement of touching millions of lives in a positive way.

Within just a year, we have grown retail liabilities (Retail CASA and Retail Term Deposits) by ₹20,710 crore, up 157%, from ₹13,214 crore as on March 31, 2019 to ₹33,924 crore as on March 31, 2020. Our CASA ratio grew to 31.87% as of March 31, 2020, as compared to 11.40% as of March 31, 2019.

We’ve won several awards including the CNBC Asia Award for Innovation, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, the CFI Most Promising Bank award, and the prestigious Asian Private Banker – Best Private Bank Digital Innovation and Services, to name but a few. Click here to know about the other awards we’ve won.

There’s a winning streak in us. Every employee is empowered to innovate, to create customer delight, to win.

We are building the world’s best bank, right here in India. We believe we are going places, and with us, you will too!

Cutting-edge Technology

Drive change with cutting-edge technology.

As a new-age bank, we have an opportunity to be on the cutting-edge of technology.

Digital-first is in our DNA. We’ve pioneered the concept of serving customers at the bottom of the pyramid at a mass scale using digitisation. From disbursing 20,000 loans in the first year of our operation at erstwhile Capital First, the merged entity today has grown significantly disbursing close to 3 million loans per year. We disbursed loans to over one million customers who were the first-time borrowers and never had a credit track record. These customers were largely declined a loan by the traditional banking system. How did we achieve this? Through cutting-edge technology that enabled us to evaluate customer applications at scale, using advanced and complex algorithms developed in house. On the account opening side, IDFC FIRST Bank was first to open accounts digitally in a matter of minutes. Being part of a bank that’s using state-of-the-art technology gives you an opportunity to stay in the forefront of the tech game, to learn new techniques, and stay updated. Simply put, it’s a place where you can turn impossibilities into realities!


Join a workforce where integrity is way of life.

We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standard of integrity. As an ethical organisation, our motto is to be true to our customer.

In the FY19 annual report, our MD & CEO states the following in his address, “It always starts with the customer. I have made it clear to all that we don't want to do anything that will hurt the customer’s interest in the course of scaling up our Bank. We will make every effort to sell the right products to customers, avoid mis-selling, avoid selling such third-party products that make wonderful fees for us but at the cost of expensive products for the customer’s pocket. We will communicate all material information to the customer in a transparent manner.” On culture, he emphasizes the importance of personal conduct across the entire employee base.

Integrity and ethics come alive at our workplace in more ways than one:

      -Transparency in our dealings: We aim for full disclosure in our business dealings with customers, employees, and stakeholders.
       -An open-door approach: We encourage our employees to express themselves freely, share ideas and collaborate.
       -We may not be perfect but are keen to learn and evolve: The customer is our pole star. To quote our MD & CEO - If we make a         mistake, we will apologise and correct it.
       -Zero-tolerance for unethical behaviour: For us, it’s ethics over business. Because we are building a bank for the long run. There’s is no        place for impropriety that hurts customers, employees, stakeholders or society.


Culture is not just about how things get done around here, it’s a much longer list that includes how people conduct themselves in the office and in society, how committed they are to the mission, how they resolve conflicts without using offensive or abusive words, how they imbibe the organisation’s policy that the customer comes first, and so on.

So, culture is not a slogan, but it is what is practiced by everyone, every day.

Focus on Growth

Be where growth is not just a number.

Growth is inevitable. Our history tells our growth story. And yet, growth is not just about the numbers alone. It is about achieving these numbers responsibly and by doing things right.

Erstwhile Capital First, now IDFC FIRST Bank, grew its retail loans from ₹94 crore in 2010 to over ₹30,000 crore in 2018, and further to over ₹57,000 crore in FY 2020. Retail Deposits as a percentage of total customer deposits increased from 32.63% a year ago, to 58.77% as on March 31,2020. To build a granular bank with Retail Deposits is one of the foundations for any bank, and our Bank has made strong progress on that. Our NIM has also swiftly moved from 1.56% pre-merger to 4.24% for Q4 FY20 – barely a year later. This growth has been achieved while maintaining high asset quality, lending to the unbanked and improving customer service through concerted efforts.

Undoubtedly, our business growth is an outcome of our people growth. After all, it is well known that you win in the marketplace only when you first win at the workplace.

When growth is inbuilt in the genes of an organisation, its employees inherit it. In simple words, at IDFC FIRST Bank, we offer every employee an opportunity to grow and succeed!

Social Impact

Make a difference to society

We believe growth is inclusive - the reason why we’ve consistently focused on providing credit to the under-served, enabling them to take their first step into the country’s formal financial ecosystem. And just like we’ve made a difference to our customers’ lives, we’ve also gone beyond business to touch the lives of many in society. Our employees have played their part in this.

We are fortunate to be in a business where we can cause a social change. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in our mission to create social change. Our projects are focused on themes of education, women empowerment, and mental health. We have made a difference to lives of up to 3 million individuals across communities in India. Doing so gives employees an insight into their own strengths, and enables them to develop compassion and empathy.

Our employees have engaged in volunteering activities such as becoming a buddy to autistic youth, COVID-19 relief work, supporting non-profits in creating sustainable models of change, and other engaging programs.

As part of IDFC FIRST Bank, employees have an opportunity to go beyond business, to give, to share.


Join a bank that is agile and ever changing.

We live in a dynamic age. Banking too is no longer staid. It is a melting pot of emerging technologies, diverse set of consumer behaviours and hyper-personalisation. It is in this environment that we aspire to create a rich world of experience for our customers. It’s hard. To be able to achieve this, we are agile, flexible, dynamic.

We are a Bank led by veteran banker and entrepreneur - Mr V Vaidyanathan, our MD & CEO. Under his able leadership, we have embraced dynamism and change. The very first year of operations has seen a renewed focus on retail, a robust balance sheet and a reinforced capital base. Not only this! We have catered to a diverse set of customers from small businesses and micro-enterprises, to individuals and SMEs, and yet we are able to customise solutions to their needs.

This mirrors our ability to listen, to move fast, to innovate, and go the extra mile for the customer. Being with us is like being soaked in a dynamic work culture. It brings out the best in our people!

Come, be a part of our journey