The IDFC FIRST Bank LTA card is a paperless and digital solution designed to facilitate organizations to allow employees to claim their LTA expenses electronically. Now corporates can take advantage of the IDFC FIRST Bank LTA card interface to automate the old-fashioned and manual leave and travel allowance process. Employees can claim expenses related to flight, train, bus tickets, and car bills using Zeta app or Zeta web console.

Key Features

  1. Web interface for employees to access corporate LTA program
  2. Mobile app interface for employees available in android, iOS and windows versions
  3. Enables HR to create and manage LTA transfers
  4. View, Manage and claim LTA travel reimbursements

Key Benefits

  1. Streamlined reimbursement process
  2. Provides provision for digitally verified and signed bills for approval
  3. Effortless way of managing employees' claims digitally
  4. Eliminate the need for physical bill submission


Fees and Charges – As a part of our introductory offer, there are no charges levied whatsoever on the IDFC FIRST Bank Benefits Card. For more details please email us at or call us at +91 22 6112 3989

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